Saturday, February 2, 2013


Wow, I am way behind in my blogging. The last blog I posted was Jan 22 (Today is Feb. 2) I was 202 pounds, today I am 204. This is the first time I've posted a gain instead of a loss. I got down to 201 after coming back from TN but have been yo yoing to 202,203,204 for the last few weeks now. It's no mystery I know what I'm doing wrong (not enough water, not enough protein, not enough exercise, etc.) I do know the results lie within me and when I'm back on  track so will my numbers be.

I'm super excited that there is going to be a YouFit health club right down the street from us. They are just now breaking ground so it won't be for a few months but we are plannning on joining. They are super affordable and so close to the house!

This month Vic and I celebrate 4 years of living together! :) It feels like longer (in a good way). We've accomplished so much in four years. (grew a business,went on a cruise,watched my dad move to TN and then visited TN many times,countless trips to Busch Gardens, the theater,helped the homeless in Venice,added to our family,moved Victor out here to live in FL,lost friends to cancer,put on and took off weight, made it through another hip replacement (me) and soon to be knee replacement (Vic), got a new car,made some awesome friends,cheered on Obama twice, played in the surf on multiple Florida beaches,let  Spirit in and discovered a new inner peace that I never knew was possible) What an amazing life I have!