Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekly Check In 23 Months post Lap band surgery

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7 2014

Three months since my last update. I still have not figured out how to get blogger to change things over to my new email address so I'm not over here very often anymore.Really sucks.

It's been almost two years since my lap band surgery. I am no where near where I thought I would be  on my weight. I started off around 235 lbs. By  now I wanted to be 100 lbs down from that but because of my poor choices I am only down 22-25 lbs.   I stopped going to my lap band doctor over a year ago so I have not had any fills or unfills. My insurance changed and those visits are no longer covered. I have not called to find out what the cost would be to keep going. I'm pretty embarrassed to even go back since I know that I am not keeping to the program.

I know that I can eat more than I should. The doctor wanted me to have 3-4 bites and that would be it but I eat more than that with some foods. It's probably about accurate with steak/chicken etc. But I'm still over doing it and then losing it because I pushed past the amount I should have eaten.   I have no problem with sweets going down and staying I eat way too many of those.

I still do not miss soda at all. I do miss certain foods but not like a mourning miss ..just a "Oh it sure would be nice to have a hamburger with the bun"! I pretty much stay away from bread all together. I can do pizza if it's very thin crust and cooked very well so it's not doughy at all. We do meat lovers pizza at least once a week. I have a few pieces..nothing like the old days of polishing off a  large pizza almost myself.

I went walking last month with some friends. Made it two miles. I was sore for a week after. I really hoped that I would keep it up and do it  every week with them at least once a week but alas I havent.

I started working four days a week at our Venice office. They have a kitchen and cook lunch almost everyday, or go out for lunch. And there are always sweets! I've noticed the scale slipping back up since I started working there. I was down  to 209 when I started working there and now it's a steady 212.  WILL POWER where are you?!

I am not blaming anyone but myself.  I need  to get my butt in gear and be more motivated. I go to bed each night with big plans on what I will do the next day..only to wake up and repeat what I've been doing.
Ok enough of this debbie downer post. Aren't you glad I updated?? lol better, eat less, cut out sugar, exercise!!