Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope that you all have a Happy Halloween! We are going to stay inside with the lights No candy in our house this year. It doesn't even feel like halloween. I have not decorated in a few years. We decorated the office a few years ago and it was fun doing it..not sure why we stopped.
I'm getting super tired of the all liquid diet. These next few weeks can't go by fast enough for me. I'm proud of myself for doing it but it's sooooo boring. The people that see me everyday (Vic and Victor) can tell a difference in my body but those that don't see me all the often can't tell. That is freaking sad when I've lost 17  pounds and people can't look at me and tell....just shows you how fat I had become!! :(

Not the best day today...but I think it's good to blog on both good days and bad days. Shows I'm human, right?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sometiimes it's just quicker and easier to make a quick video than to type...

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Happy 4th Birthday Dexter!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Happy Monday! I took a break from blogging over the weekend. We went and picked up new bikes and went on many small rides around the neighborhood. I'm so glad that we both got bikes and that Vic seems so gung ho to get out there and ride with me! :) We even found a cute little cart that we can pull that would fit the littles in!  I joked on facebook that maybe the bigs could pull the littles and then we'd  have all of us out there on the road.

I'm 14 days post op...and soooooo ready to be off this liquid diet. At least it's nearly half way done now. The food commercials are making me crazy. I've tried some foods on my approved liquid diet list to shake it up a bit...malt o meal was good, mashed potatos gave me a very full almost too full still stuck in my throat feeling. I probably didn't eat them slow enough. I  know I'll really have to work on that part. The doctor told me last week  to time myself and leave a minute to a minute and half between each bite.

Some figures: I'm 16.8 pounds down , I changed my BMI from 44 to 40 (anything over 30 is obese). I have 92.2 pounds left to go to meet my goal weight of 125.  I am 5'1" tall . I am not really setting a time limit but the doctor told me to expect to lose the majority of the weight the first year and then the second year  to  lose like the last 25 lbs.

I started working on my new vision board last night. Vic made one a few years ago and it hangs above her desk. We have accomplished so many things on it. It feels so good to take out our sharpie and X thru stuff.

My board:
I'm not not with my board but wanted to show you the start :) Do any of you make vision boards? We hang them above our computers at home so we see them everyday.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Good Morning! Today is the big day (my first doctor visit since surgery) ! I am down 16 lbs! (7 on the pre op diet and 9 since surgery) I thank Vic for suggesting the laxative yesterday when I feeling "stuck" after many days of no bathroom activity...TMI , I know , I know.

I ordered new glasses yesterday. I went to the eye doctor at Costco and was so impressed! She was fantastic. My eyes have gotten worse since my last visit a year or so ago and I could tell it! You'll see the new glasses in about a week or 10 days..they are cute.

I picked up the yarn for my knitting project last night but I'm not picking it up as quickly as I had hoped. I've watched a dozen youtube videos on how to but I'm just not soaking it  in yet...I'll try again tonight. Do any of you knit??

Gotta get going and head to work...Enjoy your Thursday!!! I'll check in after the doctors visit.

Ok I'm just back from the Doctor. His scale and my scale are not in sync..his shows me at a loss of 20 lbs , mine only shows 16. either way, yay me!   My next appointment is the Monday after Thanksgiving and by then I'll be on solids!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Tomorrow I go in to the doctor or my first appointment post op. And then tomorrow night is my support group meeting. Not sure I'll get a blog fit in there but I'll try and update on Friday for sure. Friday is also the day I've given myself to do the youtube video updates (im only going to do those once a week..every Friday) F key is sticking today for some reason.

Short term goals:

get knitting supplies and start on a blanket
get pumpkins for front porch and or front office
get back on walking routine
clean/organize desk at home

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I love waking up and looking at the scale! I started this journey a few months ago at 234 lbs, when I went in for surgery last week I had lost 7 pounds pre surgery, now today a week and a day after surgery I am seeing the number 219.6 on the scale..that is 14.4 pounds lost! I don't know how long this pace of about a pound a day will last but I hope it keeps going at least as long as my month on a liquid diet...I'd love to be in onederland again!

DJ Getting His Morning "Rocking" time in mamas lap

I have not started walking again since the surgery. I have set a goal for myself for next Monday to pick it back up and walk everyday Vic and I are looking at bikes this week. I love that we will be exercising together. Lance Armstrong move over! lol

Monday, October 22, 2012

One Week Post Lap Band Surgery 10/22/12

One week ago today was my surgery! Today I am going back to work!!! I am 13 lbs thinner and I can tell a difference in my outfit today, my shirt hangs straight down instead of being pushed out by my fat tummy! Small steps but I am soooo  happy!
 Here is my full profile, Vic walked in and didn't know I was! I gotta love US!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Questions Answered: What exactly is a Lap Band?

Good Morning!
 A good friend of mine was asking me about my surgery this morning and I realized that I had not really explained much on this blog. Here is a link to a webpage I found that explains the surgery part  pretty well ..

What many of you don't know is that in order to get the lap band I had to go thru a long process including two visits to a psychiatrist, two classes on food and nutrition, three months of visits to my regular doctor mapping out ways I've tried to lose weight , a few meetings with the surgeon, and a long pre surgery diet starting back  a few months earlier when I  took the classes on food and nutrition.

Before I had the surgery my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 44 (Over 30 is considered obese). I have asthma, high blood pressure and had gotten so bad with my snoring that I often had to sleep in another room so Vic could get some sleep (how embarrassing is that?!) Being obese will kill you. I know this. I tried various diets (weight watchers, Atkins, eating less) but nothing really "stuck" for me. Over the last 6 years I had both my hips replaced (not due to the weight gain,but for another problem that developed) after that I was not able to get the same amount of exercise in. I also sold my furniture store and took a desk job so my activity during the day decreased.

Two things helped make my decision to look into the lap band. One I got a bike from my mom and could not even ride down my drive way without being out of breath. And two (the reason Vic says is the thing that really made up my mind) Loren Manzo on REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY got one and was looking fantastic! :)

After I made the commitment to do this I started walking everyday with my dogs, started eating more like the program suggested and had the surgery (oct. 15). I am now down 13 pounds and still in the liquid diet part of the healing process. I'll go to regular foods after this first 30 days but I will only be able to eat small amounts of food (protein first!) and I'm sure I'll learn a lot along the way. I watch many women on youtube that have had this done and they are so inspirational.

This is really "work" for me and I'm giving it everything I've got. I know I can't change some peoples opinions but it really hurts when I tell someone and they come back with "Cheater!" and laugh....what exactly am I cheating at?

Web definitions
  • A laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, commonly referred to as a lap band, is an inflatable silicone device that is placed around the top portion of the stomach, via laparoscopic surgery, in order to treat obesity. ...

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I woke up not feeling all that great today. It improved a bit when I got on the scale and saw that I had lost more weight! (12.6 lbs so far!)

I set up a youtube channel yesterday just for this lap band ,weight loss journey. I have another channel but just didn't want to put it out there on that one.  Feel free to follow the new channel, I'll be doing weekly updates there. (

Today is a lazy day of watching movies with Vic and resting. We are missing the Sarasota Pride, and the Obama walk across the Bridge thing in Sarasota :( I had wanted to get out and was looking forward to it but after waking up feeling so under the weather we thought it was best to just stay home and rest. It worked! I'm better! :)

I'm going to get back to Homeland (TV SHOW) we are watching all the episodes from the beginning..Pretty impressed so far!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Friday 10/19/2012

Happy Friday!  I was happy to get on the scale this morning and see a big jump (down) to 223.6 (I started at 234) Maybe all this stomach growling will be worth it!
Know what pisses me off thou...a while ago we ordered cookie dough from a neighbor's little girl that was selling it for school. Wouldn't you know it came in this week?! Do you know how hard it is to know that just a few steps away in my freezer is totally yummy cookie dough while I am sitting here drinking boring water or eating fat free yogurt...ugh!

Vic tried to give it away to Victor but he wasn't interested. I'll try and pass it off to my sister today when she comes to pick up some paperwork. Its not like she ever has to worry about her weight ...miss skinny thang!

I think I took my last pain pill last night. (not the last one I have, but the last one that I plan on taking) I was getting ready for bed and thought I'd better just have one to help me sleep. I guess right after that I fell asleep in my chair because around 2:45 am we were awoken by the dogs barking their heads off at something outside and I was still sitting there with the lights and tv on. So anyway..I got up and took myself to bed and slept very well the rest of the night.

I'm not hurting anymore, is the real reason I'm done with the pain pills. There is a little soreness but no real pain. I'm going back to work Monday. This weekend is Sarasota Pride and the Obama walk across the Ringling Bridge and Sun Fest here in Venice. Not sure what we are doing yet. I don't want to "over" do it with anything. It will be nice to get out of the house thou.

Today is Dakota's 7th b'day. :) She is the only girl pet in the house...poor thing!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 Days Post Op VLOG

While I'm up , dressed and have make up on I figured I'd better take a minute and do a video blog! :)

Can't even tell you how much better I feel today! Thank goodness


Yay I am back to life! It's day three after my lap band surgery. Some people on the lap band group I follow say the third day was their worst. From the way I feel already this morning I'd say my day 2 was the worst and now it's all downhill. My pain level is down, I've never been so happy to drink my protein shake after having nothing but water, broth and sugar free Popsicles/jello for two days! 

I slept in a bed last night instead of my recliner. It still hurt but I was tired enough or drugged enough that I did it anyway . I can't lift anything over 10 pounds so my little dogs are not really understanding why all of a sudden i can't lift them or hold them. Dexter still jumps to be in my  chair but D.J. never learned that he can jump up so he just sits there and gives me those sad eyes and rests his head on my lap. Thankfully Vic has picked up the chore of feeding everyone every morning and picking up any messes so I don't have to bend down..bending down hurts..bad! 

I was getting discouraged because I have not eaten anything since last Sunday and the darn scale was staying right at 227 could that be on a water diet?? Well today it moved! It moved down to 225 and more important than that the swelling has gone down ! I don't look like a pumpkin anymore! (my tummy was covered with betadine and it was very swollen)

I go back in to see the doctor next Thursday (Oct 25) I plan on returning to work Monday unless for some reason there is still a lot of pain but from what I can tell today that won't be an issue.  I've been able to do some work from home and having Vic and Victor keeping me up to date on everything going on I don't even feel like I've missed a beat :) 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Holy Cow was that painful! I am home now, I spent one night in the hospital after my surgery. These were taken BEFORE surgery when I was still excited and in no pain..

I had my surgery at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Comparing it to the hospital I had my hips replaced at (Doctors Hospital) I wasn't as impressed. The people that were nice were SUPER nice but the nurses were so busy that I could have passed away and it would have been hours before they noticed. Last night at 2 am I told the nurse I was in the worst pain so far, she gave me some morphine and then I did not see her again until today when she was doing shift change with another nurse!

I went down to have some scans and I actually got to see the band in place..I wish I could have gotten a picture of that! Pretty cool.  Here is a  picture I found on the internet what my lapband looks like:

One of the women that I've seen at our pre education classes was in the room next to me. She had the surgery a few hours before me but we got released
 at the same time. 

I'm on some pain killers now and not totally with it yet so I'll try and write more later. Thanks for all the emails, texts, comments...I appreciate all the support!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Surgery Day

Wow..I made it to the big day! Since I started this journey up until today I have lost 7 pounds and gained them back a few times..showing me exactly why I need this  in the first place! My starting weight today is 227. When I went to the first class to learn more about the lap band my weight was 234.

I woke up my normal time (7:30 ish) and let the dogs out, fed everyone and choked down my meds with a sip of water as instructed. It's now 3 hours later and I feel them still stuck in my throat. How literal is the "sip of water"?  I brushed my teeth thinking it would help, it didn't.

GRRRR I just hit a button and lost a small novel I had written about what foods I can eat and when. Sometimes I hate using my laptop...this never happens on my other computer! guidelines from my doctor:

Day 1: start with water advancing to clear liquids No less than 48 oz, if tolerated 64 oz.

Day 2 water, broth, sugar=free gelatin or popsicles, 100% fruit juice popsicles, Crystal Light, Diet Snapple, decaff coffee or tea,100% Clear juice such as apple or grape.

Day 3-30 Full Fluids-includes skim milk or 1% milk, low sugar/low fat yogurt (without pieces of fruit) refined cooked cereal (Cream of Wheat, Malt O meal, grits) veg juices, small amounts of margarine or butter,broth, strained or blended vegetable/low fat cream soups, sugar free custard, sugar free pudding, no sugar added frozen yogurt, mashed potatoes,blendarized low fat cottage cheese, protein drinks, protein smoothies, sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Day 31-on Regular foods, start with soft foods then transition to regular foods adding fresh fruits, veggies, salad and nuts as tolerated.

I'll check in after surgery. today if I get to come home, tomorrow if I have to spend the night. See you on the skinny side!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

10-13-12 (Weekend before Surgery)

I have my surgery on Monday and I am sooooooo excited!! We are getting ready to go to the grocery store to make sure I have everything I need for the next 30 days of my liquid diet. I have plenty of protein shakes, but I also can have strained  low fat cream soup, Greek yogurt as long as it doesn't have chunks of fruit, sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast,sugar free Popsicles...don't be jealous now!

We are planning a steak and shrimp dinner tonight on the grill..maybe some veggies but probably not many for me.

Vic set up the treadmill again and has been using it the last few days. I have stayed to my walking the dogs plan but didn't go yesterday..maybe I'll go twice today! I don't do as well on the treadmill because I get bored...I tried to face it to the TV so I could watch a show while I walk but even then I didn't last very long. that was then, this is now..I will get back on track!!

I plan on staying home all next week, I think it's required by my doctor too. It's tough on me with what to tell clients. We have some property owners in town that wanted to have us over for a BBQ. And a friends sister from high school in town that wanted to do lunch. I've told them I'm having surgery but not what kind. For the most part I think I can get away with that but if someone asks me what kind I'm going to have to tell them I guess. They both said "nothing serious I hope" and I just said..oh  no it's elective surgery. Vic thinks that sounds like I'm getting a face lift or new boobs or something..oh HELL NO I'd tell everyone if I were getting new boobs! lol   J/K I think down the road after the weight loss I'd like a tummy tuck and a lift for these old saggy things thou. Nice visual , I know.

Ok time to hit the road and do our weekend shopping and chores. Have a blessed day!

Friday, October 12, 2012


When I was born 45 years ago this month I weighed 7 pounds and 1 and a half pounds.
So far I have LOST 7.4 pounds! So I've lost one of a much younger me but still me.

Here I was back then:

Here I am today:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10-11-12 PRE OP DAY

Woke up early, planned outfit the night before (comfortable shirt and pants since I don't know what they'll be doing during the pre op) Got up on time, made my chocolate protein I was shaking it the lid wasn't shut and ended up wearing my protein shake on the outfit I was planning...ugh!

New clothes on now and heading out to the appointment. Will write more later. Happy Thursday!

Later: The pre op went well. I ran into two other girls that I met in the last meeting. It's nice having people I somewhat know going thru it together.

The most annoying thing is that I have to have (and pay for) a pregnancy test or they won't do the surgery. HELLO it's been YEARS since I've been with a man but being gay doesnt stop them from banging your insurance company for one more test.

I'm getting excited! I'm at work today trying to make lists of things here that I'll need to take home so I can work from home next week. Won't be long now!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Laughter is the best medicine

Sometimes you've just got to laugh!  This is my gift to you for today :)

I'm down 7 lbs, hope to lose a few more before surgery on Monday. I'm taking the day off today to clean house and do laundry. I know I'll be off next week but since I don't know what my discomfort level will be I want to get a head start on chores.

I'm looking forward to:

  •  smaller clothes
  • not worrying if the seat belt will fit on an airplane
  • shopping in regular stores..not the women's section or large women stores
  • getting noticed again
  • being healthy!
  • walking without getting so winded
  • looking in a mirror and smiling
  • LIFE

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


My eyes looks so crazy in these photos taken by my web cam!

I'm down another pound! Yay! I increased my walking to another block last night. I took both littles and they loved it. For being smaller Dexter sure did pull D.J. and I much for it being leisurely, I guess that is the point thou...get that blood pumpin''.

I was able to talk to my dad for a few minutes last night before his coughing started up. His first day of radiation went well. It only takes about 15 minutes. You go in and they aim the lasers at the marks pre "tattooed" on your chest after the scan and then they zap. He said it was like an xray , you don't feel anything at all. They told him maybe by the end of the week he will be able to talk better without so much coughing. I hope so! 

Vic and I go back to the attorney today to finalize the wills and power of attorneys. I feel better to have my changed. It's peace of mind. Now just to find the perfect pink urn so Vic doesn't have to look for it later...:) (kind of joking, kind of not) It's not fun stuff to talk about but it's important to have the talk and then be done with it.

Gotta get ready for work..Enjoy your day and don't forget to tell the ones you love how much you love them! Tomorrow is never promised. xoxo

How did I get here??? YUCK

Monday, October 8, 2012

One More Week!

I went in for my pre-education this morning. I did find out that I will most likely have to spend the night at the hospital since my surgery is so late in the day next Monday. It's still considered out patient surgery but they want to keep an eye on me for x amount of time after the surgery to make sure all is well (and I'm thankful for that!)

I didn't know that I was having my picture taken today or I would have worn make up and fully dried my hair! The before and after pictures are just amazing to me. I can't wait to be an "after"! I had four other women in my meeting this morning that are all having surgery on the same day as me. My surgery is set up for the latest time on Monday.

I should be back to work in a week, it could take longer for some people if they have a strenuous job with lifting involved..I think they said the weight limit was 15 lbs on lifting I can still lift my babies!
They said to expect soreness like you've done a zillion sit ups but not pain. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so I'm not really worried about that. The thing that freaks me out the most is the tube down my throat during surgery. I know I'll be out for it but it still freaks me out.

Sending prayers for my dad...he starts his radiation today. Five days a week for three weeks...I know it's been heavy on his mind :(  ...Love You Dad!!!

I told several friends about the surgery over the weekend and finally told my younger sister. Out of everyone that I've told my sister was the only one that wasn't super supportive. She turned it around and tried to get there but I could tell by her comments that she thinks I should be able to lose the weight with diet and exercise (easy for her to say as she walks around in her size 0-2 jeans) She was a little upset that she was just hearing about this the week before my surgery but in all honesty I have not been feeling all that close to her and kind of expected the negativity.

Here is my picture taken here at work this morning...nothing great but keeping it honest

My diet ....8 ounce shakes...not too bad and very filling.

Friday, October 5, 2012


T.G.I.F.  The week went by pretty fast, I have a feeling next week will fly by too!
I'm down a little more weight this morning (see weight tracker at the bottom of my blog) Vic is passing me up very quickly ...the only difference is that I snack on sugar free jello at night and one for lunch...and Vic drinks coffee in the morning with splenda and creamer. Not sure if it evens out or not but as always she's losing faster than me. My protein drinks are unjury and or muscle milk...hers are atkins.

Still walking at least one dog around the block each evening when I get home from work. Dexter was the lucky boy last night, he loved it!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


These pictures get worse and worse...does anyone really like their own photo?

Nothing new to I struggle along on only losing 4.4 lbs so far Vic is passing me up with 6! Not fair at all. 

Stuck to my shakes yesterday, sugar free jello and chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. 

Next appointment is Monday for more nutritional information. Then next Friday for pre-op's getting closer! Did you notice the countdown on the upper right hand corner of my blog? 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Good Morning! Down another pound...actually 5 from when I started ! :) 
Nothing to eat or drink since 9 last night because I have to have some blood work done today. 

Didn't sleep that well last night. Vic said the snoring was really bad. I sure hope that goes away with the pounds embarrassing.

Sending prayers for my dad today...and everyday as he starts radiation. Love You Dad! :)

More updates later. xoxo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First week of October 2012

I went in for my barium swallow yesterday..yuck! Honestly it wasn't that terrible but it wasn't all that fun either.

Tomorrow I have my blood work done and then I'm done for this week. Next week I have a few other appointments...I like that I have a few things to do each week before keeps me focused.

I've started walking the dogs (one at a time) around my block. First day I walked twice, yesterday only once. It's more  exercise than I'm used to so anything helps, right?
Somethings working because this morning when I got on the scale I was down to 231! (Down from 234) I also feel less bloated. I can't look in the mirror and see any change but I feel it.

I started my day with my chocolate unjury protein shake in soy almond milk ...yummy! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pre Surgery

Today starts my two week pre op diet. I began researching getting the lap band back in July. I had to go to two weeks of nutrition classes, two sessions with the shrink, three months of visits to my regular doctor where he could document that we talked about my died and weight loss goals and that brings me to now! :)

Today I go in for a barium swallow at the hospital to make sure everything looks ok for surgery. Then blood work, another visit with the nutritionist, a pre op appointment at the hospital a few days before surgery and I"m ready to go.

Vic and I went grocery shopping yesterday and got all the food that I'll be allowed to eat this next two weeks. It's mainly a liquid diet but I am allowed high protein low carb type foods also so we got some of those. I've ordered quite a few protein shakes from unjury because they were my favorite. I was given some samples of a brand called Chike but I couldn't get over the fact that it reminded me a lot of my baby alives food from when i was

I weight 234 on most days...I want to get down to 125-135. I am 5'1" and 1/2 :)
I have been getting more and more over weight for the past 6 years. I've had both hips replaced due to another condition and ever since then it's been hard to exercise and the weight has just packed on.

Here is one of my more recent pictures..My dad and I , taken Aug 2012. I was mortified when he put it on facebook.