Friday, November 30, 2012

Webcam video from November 30, 2012 7:23 PM

Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/29/12 FIRST FILL

Hello! Today I have my first fill! I'll write more after the doctors appointment to confirm that but I'm pretty excited. I know if I want to meet my goal of 125 lbs I need more restriction than I currently have.

We are gearing up for our busy season at work. I know being super busy will help me too because I won't have time to "snack" or even think of food while I'm at work. My night time snacking has gotten better but it's still there...last night I had cheese and crackers, a sugar free fudgesicle and an Atkins candy bar thingy...more than I should be eating I'm sure!

This Saturday is the AIDS walk in Sarasota. It's 2 miles, that is more walking than I am doing right now but I'm not too worried about it, I'm sure I'll do fine. I met my fundraising goal this week and most of my team members are pretty close to meeting theirs too. If you'd like to donate to the team the link is and the name of my team is Keeping Fit For a Cure. I'll take pictures and write about it after the walk. It's the first thing I've ever done like this before. I am pretty proud of myself for forming a team and doing it...:)

We are running late, I'll write more after the doctors visit this morning. Have a beautiful day!

The doctor was pleased with my progress. I got a 2cc fill today. He said to stay on liquids the rest of the day and then tomorrow go back and try and eat protein (Chicken, Meat, Fish) and let him know if nothing changes in the next two weeks and he'll see me again. If I feel more restriction now then he won't see me for another six weeks.

Getting the fill did not hurt at all. He had me lay on the table and lift my legs off the table so my stomach muscles tightened and then he felt around with the needle and I didn't feel that part at all.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Webcam video from November 27, 2012 2:18 PM


Before Hair Appointment
I am back from TN. My computer connection was spotty while I was there and I  was not able to do a video. I have a hair appointment this morning and will make one when I get back.

I was thrilled to come back home and get on the scale to a lower number than when I left! And then this morning even lower!! I am now 211.6 , down over 22 pounds! :) I was feeling stuck for a while with not losing much but I'm happy to see some movement on the scale.

I have a doctors appointment this week and think I'll be getting a fill in my band. I have not had much trouble eating anything until last night. We bought a roasted chicken from Publix , it was the first time I had chicken with skin on it and I could not get it down or keep it down. After that episode I am not sure I'll try that kind of chicken was horrible!

I'll talk more about my trip in my video but here are a few pictures...I can't tell you how peaceful and beautiful it was there but maybe the pictures will show it. Something I'm super proud of is that I walked down the side of the hill next to the cabin and was able to make it back up!! It was super steep!

Monday, November 19, 2012


The scale continued to go down in my favor this morning! Yes, it was only a few ounces but that is enough to make me happy! :)

We are packing for our trip to TN today. I have skyped with my dad and he's not feeling very good :(  He won't have chemo tomorrow but he also isn't feeling well enough to make it to the's about 25 minutes from his house so it's not that big of a deal...I will just go visit him at his house! :) I am holding out hope that the next 24 hours will hold some magic and he'll be feeling better and back to his old chipper self! :)

We are packing tons of food (so we don't have to shop once we are there) My dad's wife got the turkey and she's making pies . We are taking two coolers for the cold stuff.  I'm doing really good with my eating so I don't see it being a problem just because I'm away from home. We packed some sugar free hard candy for the trip but we also packed regular snacks for Vic and Victor.

Vic just looked up the forcast for the next five's suppose to be in the highs around 60-64 and the  lows 31-33...the only thing that could be better is if we saw some SNOW! :) It's been a little cooler here but we still have our AC on so I'm sure it will be a welcome change! I love  wearing sweatshirts and jeans.

Now that all of our packing is nearly done, the dogs have been bathed, the laundry done we are sitting around looking for day trips from the cabin (Cades Cove, Forbidden Cavern, etc.) and sooooo excited to take off in the morning!

Here is a picture of the cabin we've rented.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

11/17/12 1 month 2 days post op

I am happy to report a new low weight today! I am at 213.6 , on Nov.5 I had gotten down to 213.8 but then never hit the 213 mark again until today! :)

This makes my weight loss so far 20.4 pounds and 88.6 more to go to reach my goal.

Today we are going in to work because we have so many loose ends before we leave for TN. We picked  up a new listing yesterday and Vic needs to get it on our website. I need to cut checks to the property owners for guests checking in today so they don't have to wait until we are back in town. I don't mind going in, if I didn't go today I was going to have to go Monday and I'd really like Monday to be a day of shopping and packing for any last minute things for the trip.

My sister came over to go over instructions for watching our dogs yesterday. I wish I could feel more comfortable about people watching them but the fact is no one loves your babies the way you do. I have NO idea how parents ever go on vacation without their kids. Actually I have no idea how parents do a dog mom I'm crazy with worry about them 24/7 I think if it were real kids you'd just have to institutionalize me because too much would be out of my control (school,play dates, etc.)

Food from yesterday...I had at least 40 oz of water (should be in the 60s but I didn't drink much last night) I had a soup to go for lunch...see my instagram pictures on the right for the flavor...for dinner we went to Burgandy Square Cafe. I had my regular Quiche and Caesar salad. I ordered a diet coke for the first time in months. I didn't even drink half of it because I have to stop drinking on the food arrives. I had almost half of my Quiche and some of the salad...if you would look at my plate when I was finished you wouldn't think I had eaten much but I was full. For snacks after we got home I had a sugar free pudding with low fat cool whip on top and a few pieces of sugar free candy. Still craving sweets while we are watching TV.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to get it done

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'd like to thank my dad for his wonderful email this morning reminding me that my weight will come off on it's own schedule and not necessarily any time limit I have put on myself :)

We are leaving next week for TN and I just realized this morning I will need to pack my scale! I'm somewhat obsessed with checking my weight several times a day. Today I weighed 214.6 , not bad considering I went out to eat with old friends from Moberly last night and had not so good for me food (cheese quesadillas) least I skipped the pie!

I'm going to share my email from my dad because sometimes we all need to hear these words :)

Email from my dad:
I read in your last post, sort of between the lines, that you were a little disappointed in the weight loss lately,.  You knew it wouldn;t be easy, and I'm sure others have told you the weight does not come off evenly over time,,, It does come off, just not on your schedule...  You have to remember fat has a mind of its own.,,.  Keep on doing what you are supposto do and long term you will succeed..... Drink lots of yucky water... It works great in keeping the system flushed, and you can have almost unlimited amounts..,.. So everytime you and I skype you have to go pee,  well that is good, its working, so we need to skype more.  An especially tough time will be the next couple of months with all the temptations in the foods that are around hit you right in the face....  Well I am going to try a little reverse psychology on you... when you were little do you remember when you had to sit at the table till you cleaned up your plate, well starting now you have to sit at the table and ignore your food.  Every bite you don't take is a win.  AND YOU ARE A WINNER,,,
 Lastly, non't change your goals, just extend your time line.  
Ok, you have had your preacher dad comments for the day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13/12 29 days since surgery

Good Morning! Today is 29 days since I had my lap band surgery. I started eating real food last week and have noticed I'm not moving on the scales anymore...Last Monday (Nov 5th) was my  low weight in at 213, ever since then it's been going between 214 and 215.

I've noticed that I can eat pretty much however much food is on my plate. I try and do smaller portions and eat protein first, not many carbs, drink my water, two protein shakes a day but I know I'm not getting enough water on most days. I don't like the taste of my vitamins so I'm skipping those from time to time. I'm drinking a bit thru my meals ...I know which rules I'm breaking and everyday I strive to do better.

I know I need to start getting some exercise. I have my nice new bike and the tread mill greeting me every morning to just get my butt on them !

The night before last I noticed a large round bruise on my lower stomach...not sure what that is all about but I'll be calling the doctor today. I asked on the lap band facebook group and  most of the answers were that it was the shots they gave me before surgery. Since I'm almost a month out I kind of doubt that is what it is.  Maybe just blood left over from surgery pooling down there?

20 pounds down is a good but not good enough, I did not do this just to lose 20 pounds! I know it will be different after I get my first fill after Thanksgiving but I need to start doing more now.  I'm not beating myself up I'm just setting some new challenges for myself. If this was easy, everyone would be skinny, right?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crock Pot Ranch Chicken

I found this on Fatsecret...super easy

8 tbsps garlic and herb marinade
2 tbsps dry ranch dressing mix
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/4 cup water

1. pour water in crock pot
2. add frozen chicken breasts
3. combine marinade,ranch dressing mix and pour over top of chicken.
4. cook on low for 8 hours. Serve.
(I cooked on high for 4 hours)

Calories per serving 318
Protein 55.28g
Carbs 5.36g


Happy Saturday!

We had a fantastic time out last night with friends. We met at Mattisons City Grill downtown Sarasota. I drank water with lemon all night and it was so easy..I don't even miss tea or soda anymore. I was a little worried looking at the menu for a safe choice. I picked Chicken Cesear Salad after I heard Kim order it. Pretty good but the chicken was really dry so I didn't eat much of that part.

I think there were pictures taken, if I see them posted I'll add one here. There is nothing better than a night of good friends, good conversation, good food! :)

Today there is a doxie meet up in Sarasota but I just asked Vic if we were going still...and since someone (looking at Vic) just woke up the answer is is  It would have put us running around a lot today since we are going back out to Sarasota for dinner with friends at 5.

With my experimenting with different foods I've learned that I can eat almost anything without much of a problem (except mashed potatoes and a peanut butter wrap) with no fill in my lap band. I can't eat a lot but I can manage most foods. I am not scheduled for a fill until after Thanksgiving.

My mom asked me what I meant by a fill last week, so a bit of education on the lap band.
The photo on the left is unfilled , you can see bigger pieces of food could go thru that band. On the right hand side is the band makes the area smaller for food to go thru, allowing you to not eat as much. 
Happy Saturday still in PJ's with uncombed hair!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Happy Thursday! Today is my moms birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM too!!! 
Today is 24 days since I had the lap band surgery..I am down approx. 20 lbs...
Gotta run for now but will add more once I'm at work. xoox


Whenever I wear something I've taken my photo in before I try and do a quick comparison ...sorry the quality of the pics is so dark!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Happy Wednesday! I'm dragging a bit today..stayed up way too late watching the election results.
I am looking forward to a few things this weekend ...getting together with friends for happy hour Friday and then dinner with friends on Saturday...we have not done anything with anyone in so long ! Eating in a restaurant still makes me a little nervous but I will just remember to eat super slow and little pieces. I have not really gotten "stuck" yet except with mashed potatos and it just felt like they backed up in the back of my throat..but I've heard/read horror stories of getting sick, choking, gagging, etc. Let's hope that doesn't happen! :)

I'm loving the way my shirts are not as tight anymore...I was wearing a 1x and they were tight around my tummy there is so room. Todays shirt is more of a form fitting shirt that my sister gave me and I could not wear it before, it would ride up and show my tummy. It's probably still a little too tight but I love the color and wanted to wear it today.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/6/12 Election Day

Happy Election Day! I voted early so I won't have to wait in long lines today. I'll still be a nervous wreck until the results come out and I have a bad feeling that we won't know even at the end of the day today who our next president will be with the mess that Sandy left.

Yesterday I tried steak for the first time since my surgery. We stopped by Ruby Tuesdays on our way home from work after picking up my new glasses at Costco. I ordered steak, spaghetti squash (which I did not eat) and zucchini (I only tried two). I drank water before my meal but did not touch it during even thou my steak was peppery.  I had about half of my steak and brought the rest home. I didn't have any troubles eating...I know from the amount that I was able to eat that I'll need a fill when I go to my first doctors visit. He said I might so I'm  not shocked or disappointed.  The scale wavered back up a tiny bit this morning which was annoying but I probably shouldn't weigh myself so many times a day anyway.

New Glasses
Two weeks from today we will be heading to TN to have Thanksgiving with my dad! We have done most of our food shopping already and planned how we will pack the car. Vic has mapquested the route and now we are just waiting. Dad starts Chemo again today and will most likey have chemo the day we arrive (it's back to once a week for a while). I hope that it won't wear him down ...have I mentioned lately how much cancer sucks?

Monday, November 5, 2012

11/05/12 20 pounds down!

Happy Monday! This weekend I ate solid food! I know my 30 days are not up yet (I'm on day 21 since lap band surgery today) But I tried scrambled eggs and small pieces of bacon and then yesterday a few bites of country fried steak with gravy. I ate slowly and took little bites but did well on both of those! And better yet woke up both days with a loss! I was starting to go a few days between losing any weight and  wondered how that could be since I was eating so few calories (450-600 a day) so i upped my water, upped my protein and upped my calories and that seemed to do the trick for me!

I am now 20 pounds down and 88 to go to meet my goal of 125.

This weekend we rode our bikes and then went to the chalk festival in Sarasota. It was fun but way too crowded for me. It's nice getting out and about thou and showing Victor around more. Next weekend is the sand sculpting thing on Siesta Key so hopefully we'll get out for that too. I'm trying to get more active and get out of the rut  of going home and watching TV all the time.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and remembered to set the clocks back...we remembered but are running super duper late today...It's 9:35 and we are still showering and getting ready for work...will have to work on that time change thing lol.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!

Love Ya!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

15 things you don't know about me VIDEO

I couldn't think for a minute there...YES my tattoo says Daddy's Girl, I was thinking it said Daddy's Little Girl and got thrown off for a min. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I'm so happy that these jeans fit again!

Will blog more later, headed out for our dreaded shopping. Happy Saturday!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nov, 1,2012

Good Morning!  We made it thru Halloween! I'm in a better mood today..sorry for the Debby Downer post yesterday.

The scale has not moved...still at 216.6 but I'm not complaining!  That is still 17.4 pounds down , 17 days post lap band surgery..:)

Nothing exciting going on ...we finally were able to turn the AC off the last few days and it feels GREAT! I love this cooler weather.

Quick Body Shot Video!  I'll be doing my weight in regular video tomorrow for the youtube channel.

I hope that you all have a fantastic Thursday ...can't even believe it's November all ready...won't be long and I'll be in TN visiting my dad and Cyndi!