Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time flies

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted on here. So much for my daily /weekly updates. I just have been in a creative funk since my dad passed in February.  The scale has stayed pretty much the same at 197/198/199.  I am pleased that it has not jumped back up into the 2's but really disappointed that it's not continued to go lower, but the only one to blame is me. I still have not exercised but am getting closer..the YouFit gym down the street from me is open now and I think after Vic is recovered more from knee surgery we will be joining.

 I've discovered that my lap band reacts to stress. For the most part I have not been able to keep most foods down. Occasionally I do but not as often as I'd like. I know that I eat too fast and take bigger bites than I should and that is something I just always have to work on. I'm not just talking about foods that shouldn't work..I was making Vic a sandwich yesterday and munched on Swiss cheese and a piece of ham and it got stuck. My problem is that a lot of bad foods (candy, ice cream, etc.) always go down just fine so when I have a bad episode with good foods I follow up with bad to fulfil that eating sensation. I have learned for the most part to only buy skinny cow candy and other more diet friendly sweets (sugar free, etc.)

Foods that work for me (most) of the time..meatballs,soup,chicken nuggets,chicken Caesar salad, chef salad, cheese, protein bars,chicken but not fried chicken, very thin pizza-I order the ones with the most meat and only eat a piece or two..if it's not thin it doesn't work, sometimes tacos work but sometimes they don't, chili,buffalo chicken wraps but I usually have to get rid of most of the "wrap" and just eat the chicken. I'm always trying new things but going out to a restaurant is not much fun for me anymore because I never know what my reaction to food is going to be.

Easter Sunday was awful. I went to a place that I usually love with Vic and Victor and ordered quiche but they didn't have my regular one so I got one with meat and peppers (too spicy) and I was only able to get one or two bites and I was running off to the bathroom to get sick. :(   I find it much easier to just bring food home or go to the same places that I know have things that work for me over and over.

It's been six months and a few weeks since I've been banded and I would not change it. I tried dieting on my own and never had the success that lasted like this band does. I know that I will keep losing weight and I know that once I add exercise I will do fantastic! For now I'm happy with the 37 lbs lost and enjoy looking in the mirror again.

I have a feeling May is going to be the month that turns this year around. No more sadness ..moving up and moving on to a thinner, healthier me!

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