Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello! I am 5 months and 1 week out from having the lap band surgery. I started at 234 pounds and today when I got on the scale it was 199.6! :)  I've been stuck there for the past month but I have also not been sticking to the right foods (damn girl scout cookies!) and Easter candy!  

I finally went and bought new clothes this week. My old pants (stretch material , mostly sweat type pants) were looking pretty bad and droopy. I am between sizes (16-18) but bought 18's because the 16s were not comfortable and looked too tight. I don't think it will be long thou before I'm in them and the 18s will look too big. I can pull up the 18s without unbuttoning or unzipping them so they are already "roomy". It's nice to have some new clothes and something I didn't even realize I was doing was pointed out by Vic when she said "It's so nice to see you in something other than black!" I bought all spring colors and NO black ..:)
In tops I was able to get larges instead of XL or XXL ...I will be so happy to be able to shop in the petite section again. Being 5' tall and only able to shop in the large women section really limited me to what pants or skirts I could buy. Vic asked me the other day if I just didn't like dresses or skirts because I never wear them...I didn't really think about it much until I started writing about my clothes..Being short and so over weight has really limited me to what I could wear. It's so wonderful seeing a shape to my body (other than round lol).

I have been trying to get on youtube to do a video update but everytime I hit "upload" from youtube to start the video making my computer freezes and I have to just turn it off. Anyone else having this problem?

That's all for today...Enjoy your day whatever it is you choose to do with it. xoxo

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