Friday, July 5, 2013

4th Of July, Projects, Shopping

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

It was very different for me this year. We had rain in the forecast so Vic and I decided to head to the mall to make a Build-A-Bear with some of my dads ashes. See the full blog on that at my other blog :

We did make it over to the beach to catch the fireworks thou and it stopped raining just in time for the show! Perfect night with Vic and Victor. It was a little sad for me, thinking about my dad and missing him saying his Ohhhh and Aaaaas at the fireworks.

Today I woke up with a goal of going shopping and finding a dress to wear to dinner tonight. We are going out with some good friends and nothing is fitting right or looking good on me. I usually hate going to ROSS because it's messy and drives me crazy but today I totally scored! I came home with shoes, 8 dresses, a pair of shorts and even a shirt for Vic! All for under $135.   To make it even sweeter I was able to fit in a size 16! (down from a 20) and went ahead and bought two dresses that will fit later when I lose a little more weight. Shopping is always so hard for me because I'm only 5' and the lengths are always too long so when I found those two that will look perfect once I drop a few more pounds I knew to just grab them!

Tomorrow we hope to make it a beach's suppose to rain but we can maybe work around that if it isn't an all day thing.

Life is good.

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