Monday, April 14, 2014


Happy Monday!
I don't have a ton to report since my last blog. We've been working around the house getting ready to buy it next month. Vic pressure washed the front yesterday, I cleaned windows and carpeting. Looking forward to planting some flowers and getting our new fence up.

Vic's been cooking more. We've (mostly Vic) stopped buying sweets so there is no "snack" or junk food     in the house. It's worked very well for Vic, I think she's lost over 10 lbs since we started doing this almost two weeks ago. Me on the other hand can't get sugar/candy out of my brain. I've made stops at the drug store just to pick up Milk Duds or M&M's. The scale remains the same for me (209) I was hoping to be back   to 200 the end of Feb and here it is the middle of April. No ones fault but my own.

I've not gone to my WLS doctor in a very long time. I  should call and see what it will cost on my new insurance but I have not wanted to go back until I lost more weight because he's kind of rude when I go in and have gained.

I'm looking forward to a busy summer. I have a girls weekend coming up next month with ladies I've known since childhood. Then my step mother is coming over the 4th of July for a short visit. And let's not forget all of the babies! We have friends or family due in July, August, September and October! 2 girls, 1 boy and 1 still unknown. I am really looking forward to having some little ones in our's been far too long.

This is my attempt at sticking with weekly updates. I hope next week I am full of positive things to say and can be a little more inspirational to you and ME. :)


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