Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21 2014 After Easter Update

Happy Easter Monday!
We had a nice long weekend and got more done around the house. Vic got the front wall primed on one side (the side that you see from the street).She also pressure washed the drive way and carport area-it looks so much better!! We've made some decisions about the plants that we are going to put out front. I was gifted a chocolate cherry tomato plant and made my first earth box and replanted it.
We had our 2nd annual Easter breakfast with Vic's son at Burgundy Square Cafe. I had much better luck this year and kept my egg and bacon down.
The scale has not changed this week..still at 209.
I've had a little more candy this week due to Easter (FAIL). Vic has cooked quite a bit but we did go out a few times for the first time in weeks (Longhorn Monday, Pizza delivered one evening and then Burgundy Square for breakfast)  Other than the pizza, I think we've made wise choices when we did go out. I usually stick to soup because it works. Tonight I'm making chili.

My mom gave me a desk yesterday that I'll be using as a vanity. I'm pretty excited that I'll have a place to store my make up and a place to sit and put it on . I'm so blind that it's hard to use the bathroom mirror because I'm too far away from it. The desk mom gave me is pretty narrow so it will work better for me.

Also last week I tried fried green tomatos for the first time.Probably not the best thing for me, but I had 3..they were delicious! I am not a fan of tomatos but these were very tasty.

I hope that you had a fabulous Easter and this week finds you smiling and happy! xox

Some images from the week..
Fried Green Tomato

Chocolate Cherry Tomato in my new Earth Box 

Easter Basket from my love 
Vic painting the front wall

Freshly pressure washed drive way 

Selfie with my tomato 

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