Sunday, December 23, 2012


Got on the scale this morning and saw 206.6, that is nearly 28 pounds lost since October 1st~~ woohooooo I am so happy.

We finished all of our Christmas shopping last night and I got everything wrapped (even gifts for all the family dogs and cats!) Even thou we didn't decorate our house this year I have been in the Christmas spirit.  I have watched a dozen lifetime Christmas movies (all with leading ladies named Holly of course lol)

Today Vic is making a ham and we are having Victor over to watch the Cowboy/Saints game at 1pm. I've got to make a publix run to pick up some brown and serve rolls (none for me please) .

I got the chance to skype with my dad yesterday while my sister was there, hopefully we'll do it again tomorrow when I'm at my other sisters house. It looks like they . are having a good time but poor Britt isn't used to the cold weather and has not taken off her coat since she got there haha.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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