Thursday, March 14, 2013

3/14/13 Third Fill?

I have another doctors appointment today. I'm unsure if he'll do another fill but I think that he probably will. I have a 10cc band and right now I only have 4cc's in the band. Each time I've come he's filled it 2cc's each time. I'm still losing each week. I started at 234 and my low has been 198, but this last week every day has been up and down...last night before bed it was 202 but I had a bad day of eating. I started out good with my protein shake but by 2pm I was starving so Vic and I went to Turtles Restaurant. I shared some nachos and had bang bang chicken ..very yummy..I wouldn't guess it was too bad compared to things I could have eaten. Then on the way home we stopped at Nokomis Groves and I got a large cup of pineapple and orange swirl soft serve ice cream. Delicious!
Once home we had Wendys. I had 10 chicken tenders..they were small but still 10 is way more than I should be able to eat if my band is working like it should. (I know I'm putting it on the band..I should know better and not eat that much in one setting!)

I'm just not stressing about my eating or my weight. I'm happy that the scale is continuing over all to move in the right direction. I still have a goal of 125 by October and I think it's something I can achieve.

When I tell people about my band I get different reactions. Someone told me that they couldn't give up soda so it would never work for them. I can honestly say I don't miss soda. I try a sip from time to time but the carbonation does not work for me at all. I thought I'd miss pizza but I can still manage one piece once in a while. The second piece is never agreeable with my band and it takes me longer to eat the first piece than in pre band days.  I can fill my sweet tooth with sugar free sweets so that's no big deal. I'm afraid to try steak again after my Ruby Tuesdays incident with the steak but I'm sure I could try a small bite and not have too much trouble..somethings are just not worth it for me. I miss a big juicy hamburger but I'm not willing to get stuck over a hamburger..I KNOW bread doesn't work for me.  There is really nothing that I crave that is worth putting the pounds back on. I am too happy with the smaller Holly that I see in the mirror. I know that the end result will be a healthier,  happier girl.

I'll post more after the appointment with the doctor..on my way there now.

OK just got back from the doctor. I had another fill..only 1cc this time making it a total of 5cc's. He thinks this will be it for the fills if I understood him correctly. yay!

I'm a little confused on things my doctor tells me. I swear before surgery he said I'd lose the majority of the weight the first year and then the second year I'd only have a little more to lose. Today he said I'd be on goal if I lost 60 lbs the first year (half of what I needed to lose) and that I'm doing great and already over the half way mark and I'm only 5 months out from when I had surgery. I still am planning on the total weight to be gone in one year so I hope I'm not setting myself up to fail on that one :(

I was at 200.2 lbs on the scale at the doctors office..I'm ok with beats the 202 last night at home and today I was in a sweatshirt and pants so if I was naked I'd be under 200 again..:)

I talked to my doctor about the rashes I get on my under tummy. He told me to take pictures to document it because it would help with insurance covering my tummy tuck later..Don't worry I WILL NOT be posting any pictures of rashes! lol


  1. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck on Tuesday. My insurance is covering the skin removal portion of the surgery. I "complained" of rashes every time I went to the doctor (no matter the reason of why I went in the first place). My PCP also made sure he documented powders, creams, etc that I used. My plastic surgeon was the one who acyually took the pictures and submitted to insurance.

  2. Best of luck on your tummy tuck! I can't wait to be at that point.