Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy June!

After my last post I went back to the doctor and he took out 1 cc in my band-making it now at 5 cc's. I have been able to eat again -not an entire steak or anything but I can get 3-4 bites before feeling stuck.

I'm still working on drinking more water, eating less junk/slider foods and going for protein first. It's hard, I know I've slipped back into some old/bad habits  and only I can change    and get back on track.

This is Vic's last week of Physical Therapy so we'll be joining a gym soon and getting back to a more normal schedule hopefully. I know that I could go do that on my own but I think I'll go more with her and having someone to go with is more fun!

It's about this time last year that I started thinking about getting the lap band surgery. I remember going to a family 4th of July party saying it would be my last "fat" holiday. How silly I was to think it would all just fall off after surgery. Even after all the classes and everything I still thought it would be easier than it has been and didn't account for all the work I'd have to do along the way to get the numbers that I want.

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