Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to the real world

We got back from our cruise on Saturday. I am still having a little trouble with my sea legs..dizzy. I hope that goes away soon.
The trip was fabulous! The best vacation I've ever taken. It would be hard to pick just one thing but my top five are
1. Swimming with the stingrays
2. Snorkeling in Cozumel
3.catching some amazing sunsets
4. winnning on the slot machines
5. spending it with my best friend and partner

I didn't have much luck with the food. We went to the formal dinner in the dining room once.  It was lobster and shrimp. Something that I can usually eat just fine but not this time. I had to leave the table several times. We didn't try again after that. I was good with breakfast (bacon and eggs) very small portions. I brought my protein shakes so every morning I had that and stuck with water throughout the day. I got on the scale today and I was at 201, so I'm still down and not gaining anything back :)

My surgery was a year ago last week. I started at 235. I'm not happy looking at pictures how fat I still look but I'm not as unhappy about it as I used to be. I"m glad that I've lost some in my face. I don't feel "fat" anymore..until I look at pictures :)

On to another day and another challenge.

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