Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3rd 2013

Happy October 3rd.

Today we are picking up my step mother at the airport. She is flying in for my nieces wedding this weekend.  October is going to be a crazy busy month for us with our birthdays (Vic, Me, DJ, Dakota and Dexter), the wedding, our cruise to Mexico!
We took Hersch (I have my dads ashes in a bear named Hersch) to the airport with us to get Cyndi!

A unexpected surprise for me was finally getting back down to 200 lbs. When I left my dads house after he died the scale was at the lowest since my surgery at 196, for most of the past 8 months it has been 202-204 but this week I've seen it going down instead of up or staying the same! I am not doing anything differently but maybe it's just working itself out finally. I am not exercising like I should. I do still stay away from bread and am only able to eat a few bites of most meats (Chicken, Steak, etc.) but I have continued my bad habits of sweets and know that if I ever want to get to goal I will have to cut those out on a much bigger scale that I have been.

I am not sure I was the most realistic a year ago when I had my surgery. I would have thought that by now I would be 135 lbs or less. I thought I'd be a super star keeing up with my blogs and videos when in reality I have not done a video in forever and this blog is forgotten by me much of the time unless I see a jump down on the scale. I guess it's normal only wanting to report on the good things. For me it is anyway. Part of those rose colored glasses I suppose.  All I can say is I will try and do better :)

Have a wonderful October day!

Later: We picked up Cyndi and then had a light lunch at Daiquiri Deck in Venice. I had a chicken, veg. soup and a sweet tea..worked perfectly for me. We had a chance to visit a little bit and then Vic and I went home.  I made a pot of Chili for dinner and it was fantastic! I was able to eat almost two bowls!! More than I should but it was just yummy! The scale showed it thou, by bed time my 200 lbs had turned to 203! Yikes.

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