Monday, October 14, 2013

Vacation! 10/14/2013

Good Morning!
Today we leave on a cruise to Mexico! It is my second cruise with Vic, my first cruise with the lap band. I am a little nervous about how the dining will go but I'm sure it will be a wonderful vacation.

We are going to be gone longer this time than the last one, it's a five day cruise with stops in Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We've planned an excursion of swimming with the stingrays. I am less nervous leaving this time knowing Victor will be  here taking care of the furchildren (Last time the littles went to Camp Bow Wow and my sister and friend Emma Lisa looked after the bigs) It will also give us more peace of mind knowing Victor is around to take care of business.

We planned this cruise last December I think, so it's been a long time coming. It's given us a chance to save and plan on everything we want to do also. We turned in our old gold this week that has been laying around forever and came away with a nice little  hunk of "fun" money to spend.  I rolled all of our change and turned it in  too and that should pay for the excursion. It's always nice to get away when you don't have to worry about every dime you spend :)

I hope to take lots of pictures and some videos  , enjoy all of the shows/entertainment on board, have some fun in the casino and just relax. This will be my first cruise that I will have a balcony suite. I am so excited!!! I slept more than Vic did last night but I was up and awake by 6 this morning! We are leaving  early afternoon for Tampa, I think we can get on board around 1pm. I'll try and write more if I can later.

Maybe by the time we return the government will be back up and running. Today marks the 14th day since they shut down I believe.

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