Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct 8 2014 Update

I finally called and made the appointment to go back and see my lapband doctor. I have not been back since May of 2013 I think. I was so discouraged and felt like my doctor was not very nice or understanding about my stall at the time , and losing my dad.
I guess I showed him, I gained even more and stopped getting fills. lol
I'm getting ready to celebrate 2 years with my band (Oct 15) and it's  about freakin time that I get back on track and use my tool as it was intended (I type this after having b'day cake and milk duds..ugh!)

My appointment isn't until later in the month so hopefully I'll drop a few pounds before then . I'm doing Friday weigh in's on my banded in florida facebook page and I've gained 2 lbs since I started that...wrong direction girly! Instead of focusing on the weight Ive been obsessed with cute socks that I wear each Friday. Epsy, Forever 21 and Ebay have been great in finding adorable socks.

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