Thursday, January 10, 2013

1-10-13 Second Fill

I had my second fill today, now I have 4cc's in my band. The doctor told me that so far it's been all me. The band doesnt actually start working until 4-8cc's. Yay me! :) I was only down five pounds since my last doctors visit six weeks ago so hopefully now with a tighter band the weight will come off in bigger numbers!

Craziness at work has kicked in with our season starting January 1st. With what we've seen so far I have a feeling it will be a long stressful season..holding out hope that I'm wrong.

I am going to fit in a visit to dad this month. Vic and I are planning on taking a weekend and driving up to spend some time with him before it gets too crazy. I need some daddy time! :)

Next Wednesday is the day my dad told me I'd be down to 199...I sure hope he's right but it isn't looking that way today...I think I'll start walking again after work..the dogs will enjoy that too!

Anyway...the phones are ringing..gotta run. Will try and get a video up this week, I know I've been slacking but just have not found the right head space lately.


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