Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am back home from TN. and happy to say down another pound! I started in October at 234 and this morning I am at 202! It's taking me longer to reach 199 than I thought it would but I did my math this morning and to get to my over all goal by my one year anniversary I only need to lose 2 lbs a week...very doable! And not only doable but I will most likely meet my goal ahead of schedule!! Yay!!!

This latest loss could be water weight thou...in tears! :( What an emotional trip this was.
My sweet dad always worrying about everyone else, had his hospice nurse send me some books so when I got home last night they were in my mail box.."When a loved one is suffering a difficult death", Facing Cancer as a family, Grieving the loss of your parent, Losing your dad, and What's really normal when you're grieving" ...heck just the names of the books have me in tears! I have not opened them yet but do plan on having a look since he went to the trouble of having them sent to me.  I think I need one on how not to kill the family around me that isn't grieving in the way I think they should...maybe time for more therapy , eh? FOR ME

Anyway....I'm dragging butt today but trying to get in gear to make it back to work at a reasonable hour. The fur children didn't want to stop snuggling this morning...DJ was even sharing my pillow with me, what a sweetie!

Keep smiling and hug your loved ones today! xoxoxo

Checking out Facebook with my dad 

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  1. This shows what a wonderful man your father is - worrying for you when he is fighting this battle. So glad that you had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him! You are in my thoughts and prayers during this struggle . . .