Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello! It's 3:45 in the morning and we are getting ready to leave for TN in a little bit. I have been too wired to sleep.(the reason for the lovely picture lol)
 I think Vic got about 5 hours of sleep. She's up putting together a roast in the crock pot for Victors dinner tonight.

We are pretty well packed, I'll pack up my lap top last. We had planned to head out at 5am but I think it is going to be a little earlier. I've seen some friends posts on facebook that there may be snow ahead on our trip..that would be really cool, it's been years since I've seen any snow. I'm just praying for safe, accident free travels!

Eating was a little easier yesterday. The only thing I had a hard time keeping down was some shredded chicken that Vic brought me for lunch. When I got home I made a can of soup and had no issues with that! :) I was down a tad more on the scale today so I can now officially say I've lost 30 pounds! Yay!

Depending on the internet speed/connection I'll try and blog from dads house. I know over thanksgiving I had issues with uploading pictures or videos.
I'd love to get some videos of him and I together, maybe I'll try and get that to happen with Vic's help.

Until next time...xoxox

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