Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy Monday!

My last fill is doing what it is suppose to do. I finally have restriction. I have a total of 4cc's in my lap band. I had an uncomfortable feeling with almost everything I ate this weekend. It's going to take some getting used to but I'm happy about it because it will help the weight come off faster! :)  I've really geared up to hopefully get to goal by my one year anniversary date (Oct. 15), for a few different reasons. The main one is that I will most likely be losing my insurance at the end of the year and I really want to get any fills and surgeries out of the way before it all goes away. Added motivation is a good thing :)

Hopefully I can be strong with all of the emotional stuff going on. I'm traveling to TN to see my dad this week. He's already getting more tired than even at Christmas :( I'm so not ready for this adventure with him.

I learned this morning of a dear friend that passed from lung cancer. He only found out about it Jan 7. I don't know but I kind of think if I had to go I'd like to make it fast like that. With that being said I would not have changed a thing having the last year with dad. This will make my fifth trip in total up to see him I think...I will not have any regrets ...only saddness that he will be taken from me. The only thing that brings me some comfort is knowing that when it's my time to go he will be the one coming to show me the ropes.

I've got a ton to do before our trip to Tn...gotta keep this short today.


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