Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Tomorrow is the day my dad predicted I'd be at 199 pounds. I'm thinking that I am not going to make goal..I'm at 204 today :(

Today is my three month anniversary from having the surgery. I've lost almost 30 pounds..like 6 ounces away from saying 30 pounds. I'm pretty happy with that but will be much happier when I can say I've   reached my goal and now weight 125 pounds. That is so like me..wanting the reward without doing the work.

I saw on facebook that one girl rewarded herself with a pink ipod for making it to onederland..Why didn't I think of that? What should I reward myself with? I'm planning on new clothes but I don't want to do that until I'm much further along..so for now I'm in baggy pants..i may have to break down and get littler (is that a word?) underwear thou...nothing says sexy like big ole granny panties eh?

I've had some issues eating since this last fill. Last night I couldn't even keep jello down. I went out to eat with Vic and Victor and spent most of the meal thinking about a nice way to stay in the bathroom. I won't even tell you about the ride home...:(  It's time to just eat a bite or two off Vic's plate instead of ordering my own meals.

I'm super crabby too...like ready to kill someone (yes I have someone in mind) crabby..I think it has more to do with feeling out of control regarding my dad thou and not so much anything else. I hope by being up there with him I'll calm down some.

It sucks not to be able to turn to comfort foods when you need them to comfort you. :) Looks like a good time to take up running or something.  I saw some really cute pink running shoes on someones facebook page....may have to look into that.

Enough rambling. Still no video or pictures...I spent the day cleaning house and even thou it's 6pm I'm still in jammies...and nothing cute believe me...or I'd throw a picture up here. My hair isn't really cooperating with me either...it's falling out and is looking dry and frizzy. I bought new products last time I had it cut but I'm just not feeling it...maybe I should reward myself with a pretty wig..:)

Wow tonights post really sounds like a pity party...sorry about that. Until later..xoxox


  1. Not being able to keep jello down is not good. Have you thought about a slight unfill?? Don;t get to stressed out about the hair loss...it does grow back :)

    1. I just got a fill and am only at 4ccs so I think it's more of a getting used to thing (I hope anyway!) I have super thick hair so I am not so worried about some falling out but it just looks so bad right now..