Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'd like to thank my dad for his wonderful email this morning reminding me that my weight will come off on it's own schedule and not necessarily any time limit I have put on myself :)

We are leaving next week for TN and I just realized this morning I will need to pack my scale! I'm somewhat obsessed with checking my weight several times a day. Today I weighed 214.6 , not bad considering I went out to eat with old friends from Moberly last night and had not so good for me food (cheese quesadillas) least I skipped the pie!

I'm going to share my email from my dad because sometimes we all need to hear these words :)

Email from my dad:
I read in your last post, sort of between the lines, that you were a little disappointed in the weight loss lately,.  You knew it wouldn;t be easy, and I'm sure others have told you the weight does not come off evenly over time,,, It does come off, just not on your schedule...  You have to remember fat has a mind of its own.,,.  Keep on doing what you are supposto do and long term you will succeed..... Drink lots of yucky water... It works great in keeping the system flushed, and you can have almost unlimited amounts..,.. So everytime you and I skype you have to go pee,  well that is good, its working, so we need to skype more.  An especially tough time will be the next couple of months with all the temptations in the foods that are around hit you right in the face....  Well I am going to try a little reverse psychology on you... when you were little do you remember when you had to sit at the table till you cleaned up your plate, well starting now you have to sit at the table and ignore your food.  Every bite you don't take is a win.  AND YOU ARE A WINNER,,,
 Lastly, non't change your goals, just extend your time line.  
Ok, you have had your preacher dad comments for the day.

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