Monday, November 19, 2012


The scale continued to go down in my favor this morning! Yes, it was only a few ounces but that is enough to make me happy! :)

We are packing for our trip to TN today. I have skyped with my dad and he's not feeling very good :(  He won't have chemo tomorrow but he also isn't feeling well enough to make it to the's about 25 minutes from his house so it's not that big of a deal...I will just go visit him at his house! :) I am holding out hope that the next 24 hours will hold some magic and he'll be feeling better and back to his old chipper self! :)

We are packing tons of food (so we don't have to shop once we are there) My dad's wife got the turkey and she's making pies . We are taking two coolers for the cold stuff.  I'm doing really good with my eating so I don't see it being a problem just because I'm away from home. We packed some sugar free hard candy for the trip but we also packed regular snacks for Vic and Victor.

Vic just looked up the forcast for the next five's suppose to be in the highs around 60-64 and the  lows 31-33...the only thing that could be better is if we saw some SNOW! :) It's been a little cooler here but we still have our AC on so I'm sure it will be a welcome change! I love  wearing sweatshirts and jeans.

Now that all of our packing is nearly done, the dogs have been bathed, the laundry done we are sitting around looking for day trips from the cabin (Cades Cove, Forbidden Cavern, etc.) and sooooo excited to take off in the morning!

Here is a picture of the cabin we've rented.

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