Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13/12 29 days since surgery

Good Morning! Today is 29 days since I had my lap band surgery. I started eating real food last week and have noticed I'm not moving on the scales anymore...Last Monday (Nov 5th) was my  low weight in at 213, ever since then it's been going between 214 and 215.

I've noticed that I can eat pretty much however much food is on my plate. I try and do smaller portions and eat protein first, not many carbs, drink my water, two protein shakes a day but I know I'm not getting enough water on most days. I don't like the taste of my vitamins so I'm skipping those from time to time. I'm drinking a bit thru my meals ...I know which rules I'm breaking and everyday I strive to do better.

I know I need to start getting some exercise. I have my nice new bike and the tread mill greeting me every morning ...now to just get my butt on them !

The night before last I noticed a large round bruise on my lower stomach...not sure what that is all about but I'll be calling the doctor today. I asked on the lap band facebook group and  most of the answers were that it was the shots they gave me before surgery. Since I'm almost a month out I kind of doubt that is what it is.  Maybe just blood left over from surgery pooling down there?

20 pounds down is a good but not good enough, I did not do this just to lose 20 pounds! I know it will be different after I get my first fill after Thanksgiving but I need to start doing more now.  I'm not beating myself up I'm just setting some new challenges for myself. If this was easy, everyone would be skinny, right?

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