Saturday, November 10, 2012


Happy Saturday!

We had a fantastic time out last night with friends. We met at Mattisons City Grill downtown Sarasota. I drank water with lemon all night and it was so easy..I don't even miss tea or soda anymore. I was a little worried looking at the menu for a safe choice. I picked Chicken Cesear Salad after I heard Kim order it. Pretty good but the chicken was really dry so I didn't eat much of that part.

I think there were pictures taken, if I see them posted I'll add one here. There is nothing better than a night of good friends, good conversation, good food! :)

Today there is a doxie meet up in Sarasota but I just asked Vic if we were going still...and since someone (looking at Vic) just woke up the answer is is  It would have put us running around a lot today since we are going back out to Sarasota for dinner with friends at 5.

With my experimenting with different foods I've learned that I can eat almost anything without much of a problem (except mashed potatoes and a peanut butter wrap) with no fill in my lap band. I can't eat a lot but I can manage most foods. I am not scheduled for a fill until after Thanksgiving.

My mom asked me what I meant by a fill last week, so a bit of education on the lap band.
The photo on the left is unfilled , you can see bigger pieces of food could go thru that band. On the right hand side is the band makes the area smaller for food to go thru, allowing you to not eat as much. 
Happy Saturday still in PJ's with uncombed hair!


  1. Hey! I think this was with me! I'd just moved to Sarasota & I went to Mattison's with y'all, Kim & Pie, Karen & Del, and Yve & Sandy.

    1. It was Barbara! I think it was the first time we met you.