Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Before Hair Appointment
I am back from TN. My computer connection was spotty while I was there and I  was not able to do a video. I have a hair appointment this morning and will make one when I get back.

I was thrilled to come back home and get on the scale to a lower number than when I left! And then this morning even lower!! I am now 211.6 , down over 22 pounds! :) I was feeling stuck for a while with not losing much but I'm happy to see some movement on the scale.

I have a doctors appointment this week and think I'll be getting a fill in my band. I have not had much trouble eating anything until last night. We bought a roasted chicken from Publix , it was the first time I had chicken with skin on it and I could not get it down or keep it down. After that episode I am not sure I'll try that kind of chicken again..it was horrible!

I'll talk more about my trip in my video but here are a few pictures...I can't tell you how peaceful and beautiful it was there but maybe the pictures will show it. Something I'm super proud of is that I walked down the side of the hill next to the cabin and was able to make it back up!! It was super steep!

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