Monday, November 5, 2012

11/05/12 20 pounds down!

Happy Monday! This weekend I ate solid food! I know my 30 days are not up yet (I'm on day 21 since lap band surgery today) But I tried scrambled eggs and small pieces of bacon and then yesterday a few bites of country fried steak with gravy. I ate slowly and took little bites but did well on both of those! And better yet woke up both days with a loss! I was starting to go a few days between losing any weight and  wondered how that could be since I was eating so few calories (450-600 a day) so i upped my water, upped my protein and upped my calories and that seemed to do the trick for me!

I am now 20 pounds down and 88 to go to meet my goal of 125.

This weekend we rode our bikes and then went to the chalk festival in Sarasota. It was fun but way too crowded for me. It's nice getting out and about thou and showing Victor around more. Next weekend is the sand sculpting thing on Siesta Key so hopefully we'll get out for that too. I'm trying to get more active and get out of the rut  of going home and watching TV all the time.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and remembered to set the clocks back...we remembered but are running super duper late today...It's 9:35 and we are still showering and getting ready for work...will have to work on that time change thing lol.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!

Love Ya!


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