Saturday, November 17, 2012

11/17/12 1 month 2 days post op

I am happy to report a new low weight today! I am at 213.6 , on Nov.5 I had gotten down to 213.8 but then never hit the 213 mark again until today! :)

This makes my weight loss so far 20.4 pounds and 88.6 more to go to reach my goal.

Today we are going in to work because we have so many loose ends before we leave for TN. We picked  up a new listing yesterday and Vic needs to get it on our website. I need to cut checks to the property owners for guests checking in today so they don't have to wait until we are back in town. I don't mind going in, if I didn't go today I was going to have to go Monday and I'd really like Monday to be a day of shopping and packing for any last minute things for the trip.

My sister came over to go over instructions for watching our dogs yesterday. I wish I could feel more comfortable about people watching them but the fact is no one loves your babies the way you do. I have NO idea how parents ever go on vacation without their kids. Actually I have no idea how parents do a dog mom I'm crazy with worry about them 24/7 I think if it were real kids you'd just have to institutionalize me because too much would be out of my control (school,play dates, etc.)

Food from yesterday...I had at least 40 oz of water (should be in the 60s but I didn't drink much last night) I had a soup to go for lunch...see my instagram pictures on the right for the flavor...for dinner we went to Burgandy Square Cafe. I had my regular Quiche and Caesar salad. I ordered a diet coke for the first time in months. I didn't even drink half of it because I have to stop drinking on the food arrives. I had almost half of my Quiche and some of the salad...if you would look at my plate when I was finished you wouldn't think I had eaten much but I was full. For snacks after we got home I had a sugar free pudding with low fat cool whip on top and a few pieces of sugar free candy. Still craving sweets while we are watching TV.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to get it done

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  1. I always hate it when I have to leave my babies with someone else. It actually was easier for me to leave my human kids, because neither one of them had separation anxiety...and they could tell me if someone didn't treat them right :)

    Have a great time here in Tn!