Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Happy Wednesday! I'm dragging a bit today..stayed up way too late watching the election results.
I am looking forward to a few things this weekend ...getting together with friends for happy hour Friday and then dinner with friends on Saturday...we have not done anything with anyone in so long ! Eating in a restaurant still makes me a little nervous but I will just remember to eat super slow and little pieces. I have not really gotten "stuck" yet except with mashed potatos and it just felt like they backed up in the back of my throat..but I've heard/read horror stories of getting sick, choking, gagging, etc. Let's hope that doesn't happen! :)

I'm loving the way my shirts are not as tight anymore...I was wearing a 1x and they were tight around my tummy there is so room. Todays shirt is more of a form fitting shirt that my sister gave me and I could not wear it before, it would ride up and show my tummy. It's probably still a little too tight but I love the color and wanted to wear it today.


  1. I want you to know that I can tell you are losing weight! You are looking good!! Congrats!! :)