Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Holy Cow was that painful! I am home now, I spent one night in the hospital after my surgery. These were taken BEFORE surgery when I was still excited and in no pain..

I had my surgery at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Comparing it to the hospital I had my hips replaced at (Doctors Hospital) I wasn't as impressed. The people that were nice were SUPER nice but the nurses were so busy that I could have passed away and it would have been hours before they noticed. Last night at 2 am I told the nurse I was in the worst pain so far, she gave me some morphine and then I did not see her again until today when she was doing shift change with another nurse!

I went down to have some scans and I actually got to see the band in place..I wish I could have gotten a picture of that! Pretty cool.  Here is a  picture I found on the internet what my lapband looks like:

One of the women that I've seen at our pre education classes was in the room next to me. She had the surgery a few hours before me but we got released
 at the same time. 

I'm on some pain killers now and not totally with it yet so I'll try and write more later. Thanks for all the emails, texts, comments...I appreciate all the support!!!

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