Monday, October 15, 2012

Surgery Day

Wow..I made it to the big day! Since I started this journey up until today I have lost 7 pounds and gained them back a few times..showing me exactly why I need this  in the first place! My starting weight today is 227. When I went to the first class to learn more about the lap band my weight was 234.

I woke up my normal time (7:30 ish) and let the dogs out, fed everyone and choked down my meds with a sip of water as instructed. It's now 3 hours later and I feel them still stuck in my throat. How literal is the "sip of water"?  I brushed my teeth thinking it would help, it didn't.

GRRRR I just hit a button and lost a small novel I had written about what foods I can eat and when. Sometimes I hate using my laptop...this never happens on my other computer! guidelines from my doctor:

Day 1: start with water advancing to clear liquids No less than 48 oz, if tolerated 64 oz.

Day 2 water, broth, sugar=free gelatin or popsicles, 100% fruit juice popsicles, Crystal Light, Diet Snapple, decaff coffee or tea,100% Clear juice such as apple or grape.

Day 3-30 Full Fluids-includes skim milk or 1% milk, low sugar/low fat yogurt (without pieces of fruit) refined cooked cereal (Cream of Wheat, Malt O meal, grits) veg juices, small amounts of margarine or butter,broth, strained or blended vegetable/low fat cream soups, sugar free custard, sugar free pudding, no sugar added frozen yogurt, mashed potatoes,blendarized low fat cottage cheese, protein drinks, protein smoothies, sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Day 31-on Regular foods, start with soft foods then transition to regular foods adding fresh fruits, veggies, salad and nuts as tolerated.

I'll check in after surgery. today if I get to come home, tomorrow if I have to spend the night. See you on the skinny side!