Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I love waking up and looking at the scale! I started this journey a few months ago at 234 lbs, when I went in for surgery last week I had lost 7 pounds pre surgery, now today a week and a day after surgery I am seeing the number 219.6 on the scale..that is 14.4 pounds lost! I don't know how long this pace of about a pound a day will last but I hope it keeps going at least as long as my month on a liquid diet...I'd love to be in onederland again!

DJ Getting His Morning "Rocking" time in mamas lap

I have not started walking again since the surgery. I have set a goal for myself for next Monday to pick it back up and walk everyday again...plus Vic and I are looking at bikes this week. I love that we will be exercising together. Lance Armstrong move over! lol