Thursday, October 25, 2012


Good Morning! Today is the big day (my first doctor visit since surgery) ! I am down 16 lbs! (7 on the pre op diet and 9 since surgery) I thank Vic for suggesting the laxative yesterday when I feeling "stuck" after many days of no bathroom activity...TMI , I know , I know.

I ordered new glasses yesterday. I went to the eye doctor at Costco and was so impressed! She was fantastic. My eyes have gotten worse since my last visit a year or so ago and I could tell it! You'll see the new glasses in about a week or 10 days..they are cute.

I picked up the yarn for my knitting project last night but I'm not picking it up as quickly as I had hoped. I've watched a dozen youtube videos on how to but I'm just not soaking it  in yet...I'll try again tonight. Do any of you knit??

Gotta get going and head to work...Enjoy your Thursday!!! I'll check in after the doctors visit.

Ok I'm just back from the Doctor. His scale and my scale are not in sync..his shows me at a loss of 20 lbs , mine only shows 16. either way, yay me!   My next appointment is the Monday after Thanksgiving and by then I'll be on solids!

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  1. Hi, Holly! Congratulations on your loss! You are doing terrific. AND your dogs are super cute. As you probably saw on my blog, I have a border collie/Australian shepherd mix. She is a little sad because I'm doing a pre-op diet and there are less table scraps. :-) Have a great week!