Monday, October 8, 2012

One More Week!

I went in for my pre-education this morning. I did find out that I will most likely have to spend the night at the hospital since my surgery is so late in the day next Monday. It's still considered out patient surgery but they want to keep an eye on me for x amount of time after the surgery to make sure all is well (and I'm thankful for that!)

I didn't know that I was having my picture taken today or I would have worn make up and fully dried my hair! The before and after pictures are just amazing to me. I can't wait to be an "after"! I had four other women in my meeting this morning that are all having surgery on the same day as me. My surgery is set up for the latest time on Monday.

I should be back to work in a week, it could take longer for some people if they have a strenuous job with lifting involved..I think they said the weight limit was 15 lbs on lifting I can still lift my babies!
They said to expect soreness like you've done a zillion sit ups but not pain. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so I'm not really worried about that. The thing that freaks me out the most is the tube down my throat during surgery. I know I'll be out for it but it still freaks me out.

Sending prayers for my dad...he starts his radiation today. Five days a week for three weeks...I know it's been heavy on his mind :(  ...Love You Dad!!!

I told several friends about the surgery over the weekend and finally told my younger sister. Out of everyone that I've told my sister was the only one that wasn't super supportive. She turned it around and tried to get there but I could tell by her comments that she thinks I should be able to lose the weight with diet and exercise (easy for her to say as she walks around in her size 0-2 jeans) She was a little upset that she was just hearing about this the week before my surgery but in all honesty I have not been feeling all that close to her and kind of expected the negativity.

Here is my picture taken here at work this morning...nothing great but keeping it honest

My diet ....8 ounce shakes...not too bad and very filling.

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