Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Friday 10/19/2012

Happy Friday!  I was happy to get on the scale this morning and see a big jump (down) to 223.6 (I started at 234) Maybe all this stomach growling will be worth it!
Know what pisses me off thou...a while ago we ordered cookie dough from a neighbor's little girl that was selling it for school. Wouldn't you know it came in this week?! Do you know how hard it is to know that just a few steps away in my freezer is totally yummy cookie dough while I am sitting here drinking boring water or eating fat free yogurt...ugh!

Vic tried to give it away to Victor but he wasn't interested. I'll try and pass it off to my sister today when she comes to pick up some paperwork. Its not like she ever has to worry about her weight ...miss skinny thang!

I think I took my last pain pill last night. (not the last one I have, but the last one that I plan on taking) I was getting ready for bed and thought I'd better just have one to help me sleep. I guess right after that I fell asleep in my chair because around 2:45 am we were awoken by the dogs barking their heads off at something outside and I was still sitting there with the lights and tv on. So anyway..I got up and took myself to bed and slept very well the rest of the night.

I'm not hurting anymore, is the real reason I'm done with the pain pills. There is a little soreness but no real pain. I'm going back to work Monday. This weekend is Sarasota Pride and the Obama walk across the Ringling Bridge and Sun Fest here in Venice. Not sure what we are doing yet. I don't want to "over" do it with anything. It will be nice to get out of the house thou.

Today is Dakota's 7th b'day. :) She is the only girl pet in the house...poor thing!

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