Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yay I am back to life! It's day three after my lap band surgery. Some people on the lap band group I follow say the third day was their worst. From the way I feel already this morning I'd say my day 2 was the worst and now it's all downhill. My pain level is down, I've never been so happy to drink my protein shake after having nothing but water, broth and sugar free Popsicles/jello for two days! 

I slept in a bed last night instead of my recliner. It still hurt but I was tired enough or drugged enough that I did it anyway . I can't lift anything over 10 pounds so my little dogs are not really understanding why all of a sudden i can't lift them or hold them. Dexter still jumps to be in my  chair but D.J. never learned that he can jump up so he just sits there and gives me those sad eyes and rests his head on my lap. Thankfully Vic has picked up the chore of feeding everyone every morning and picking up any messes so I don't have to bend down..bending down hurts..bad! 

I was getting discouraged because I have not eaten anything since last Sunday and the darn scale was staying right at 227 could that be on a water diet?? Well today it moved! It moved down to 225 and more important than that the swelling has gone down ! I don't look like a pumpkin anymore! (my tummy was covered with betadine and it was very swollen)

I go back in to see the doctor next Thursday (Oct 25) I plan on returning to work Monday unless for some reason there is still a lot of pain but from what I can tell today that won't be an issue.  I've been able to do some work from home and having Vic and Victor keeping me up to date on everything going on I don't even feel like I've missed a beat :) 

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